domingo, 22 de novembro de 2009

[...] *

Waking up and the sunshines across your eyes.
Another perfect night to me, your so fine!
And I can’t believe that you are mine (your really mine).

I feel its ment to be.
Oh, come away with me.

We’ll get a boat to our island
Jump inside a castle that lives there
Have a party just the two of us.
Jump around and dance to our favourite songs
Have a bud under the stars
Then I’ll move in for a kiss... like this!

Footprints on the beach they fade away
Unlike my memorys theyre here to stay
Can i tell you that your beautiful and the only girl for me.
My heartbeat’s rapid and im so attracted to the stars you keep in your eyes
Yeah, it daze’s me you drive me crazy, i fell for you.

We were ment to be, so have a bud with me.

* Vide tradução.

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